For nearly four decades, TRIB Group has been helping international, national and regional vendors build their business by connecting them to our valued membership. 

Helping vendors who are new to the rent-to-own industry define their offerings and build customized annual programs, our partnerships have proven beneficial through more than $214 Million in product and service sales this past year alone.

The nation's oldest and largest member-owned and member-managed buying group represents more than 200 companies with more than 3,000 physical storefronts and countless other e-commerce avenues.  Our annual Approved Vendor Program is designed to accept only a limited number of preferred vendors per category, helping to ensure that our vendors are well-represented and frequented by our membership. This also supports our membership in both receiving the best quality and variety of services as well as building lasting vendor partnership & continued mutual success.

Diverse vendors are welcomed to present their unique offerings, rent-to-own specific product catalogues or services by application.