For nearly four decades, TRIB Group has been providing business enriching resources and product purchase programs unique to the rent-to-own industry. The goal has always been to build and support the success of our members.  Representing the buying power of more than 3,000 storefronts with an average of over $3.5 Million paid to members in rebate in recent years, TRIB Group members see the immediate membership benefits to their bottom lines.

Whether you are a franchisee or independent store, we provide our members with exclusive business opportunities with vetted vendors who cater to our industry with unique and selected products and services not available elsewhere.  With a strong foundation in leveraged buying power, unique promotions, rebates, and special pricing you will surely see immediate benefits to your membership.

Our approved vendors offer services ranging from products, business services (including payroll, accounting, legal, human resources and IT), access to supplies and add-on products, promotional and signage solutions, financing and website & digital marketing tools. You can get personalized support for every one of your business needs.

Start benefiting your business today.... Become a TRIB Group Member!