If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.
The cost structure for TRIB Group membership is divided into monthly membership dues and a one-time joining fee. Upon approval into the Group, you will receive a monthly membership dues invoice for the amount of $225.  Additionally, you will be required to pay a one-time joining fee of $1900. Currently, we are deferring the joining fee for one year for all new members. All membership costs are the same regardless of the size of your business.
As a member, you must be willing to attend our annual membership meetings, where we openly discuss operations and methods of running our businesses.  We ask that you be willing to participate and share in this exchange of information.

All members are required to submit a quarterly report of products purchased to receive their rebate checks.
Our alliance with Brand Source allows us to offer you many beneficial services. Provided by Brand Source, these services improve profitability and professionalism.

As a TRIB Group member, some of the services you will have access to include:
  • Brand Source Marketing
  • Expert Finance
  • Expert Warehouse: Inventory Solutions
You can apply for TRIB Group membership two ways — 1) complete our online application or 2) complete our PDF application and submit it via fax to 770-451-4312. After we receive your application we will contact the business partners, vendors and banks you have indicated on the application to check your company’s credit references. If your business affairs seem to be in order, the TRIB Group sends out a prospective new member memo to all members of the Board of Directors. Board members vote for or against your company’s requested membership. If a majority votes to grant your membership, you will be contacted by our office. Then watch the mail for your new member packet. Under typical circumstances, we are able to approve membership within 5-10 business days.
Simply put, TRIB Group saves you money in your RTO operation. We achieve superior service and partnership through a variety of sources including these ongoing services to our members:
  • Monthly email newsletter, the TRIBune
  • Weekly email e-zine, FOCUS on RTO
  • Annual Convention & Buy Fair with exclusive product purchase opportunities
  • Annual Meeting of the Minds event
  • Unsurpassed, personal customer service by TRIB Group staff
  • Opportunity to receive volume rebates on products purchased through TRIB Group vendors with full accountability
  • Foster healthy competition between members keeping them competitive with quality products
  • Exclusive online specials
  • And most importantly, competitive national programs with over 80 approved, premium vendors!
TRIB Group has strong business partnerships with over 80 quality vendors. Our approved vendor list really runs the gamut of services including electronics, appliances, furniture, specialty, backroom services, jewelry and accessory suppliers.

Each vendor program is different and is reviewed and renegotiated annually to ensure the best possible program for the current environment in RTO buying. Upon approval of membership you will receive a listing of all vendors with individual programs.
No. TRIB Group is always thinking about the bottom line: profitability for our members.  We seek out strong programs from the top vendors in the rental industry, negotiate special pricing structures or rebate agreements, and encourage monthly specials and closeout buys.  To gain group strength, we ask our members to support those vendors when making purchasing decisions. While members are not required to use only approved vendors, we always urge the membership to support these vendors whenever they make purchasing decisions.  Our programs become better, rebates more lucrative, and group unity is increased when we all support the vendors that support TRIB Group.
TRIB Group offers an annual Meeting of the Minds Convention & Buy Fair in the first quarter each year, coupled with a second large industry buy fair convention traditionally held in late August, named RTO World.  From time to time, additional Think Tanks for members are hosted.