The Board of Directors are elected annually to serve the members of TRIB Group. Every member of our Board of Directors and Product Committees is a TRIB Group member, who volunteers their expertise, experience and services without compensation. Staffing our board and committees with RTO operators allows us to stay in constant touch with the demands of our industry.

The 2023 TRIB Group Board of Directors are:

Mike Tissot

Countryside Rentals
Joe Fischer
Vice President

Eagle Rents
Chip Guy
Buddy Mac Holdings
Marty Auble

Appliance & Furniture RentAll
David P. David
Director at Large

Full O Pep Appliances
Dan Fisher
Director at Large
Majik Rent to Own 
Chris Bolin
Director at Large
Bolin’s Rental Purchase
Chad Fosdick
Director at Large
Premier Rental Purchase
Chris Kale, Jr
Director at Large

Happy's Home Center